Worried about your pets at home but stuck at work? PETKIT FRESH ELEMENT Smart Pet Feeder, a full-sealing smart feeder with long-range remote, feeds your pets as planned. Show them your love anytime and from anywhere.

Double fresh lock system
PETKIT created the first double-fresh lock technique. Place silicone sealing ring at the food outlet door, then add the desiccant box on the top of feeder. Keeps fresh, and avoids moldy food!

A never stuck feeder
According to the bionics principle, PETKIT creates a self-adaption system with an oscillating bar, spring check-board, and silicone impeller. Never gets stuck, even after a million tests.

Smart Phone Control
Set up a feeding plan freely or select a specific PETKIT feeding plan based on your pet’s background and information. Long-range remote, one key control and receive notices via the PETKIT app.

Impact between pet’s diet & high-tech
PETKIT believes that technique makes life better, so we introduced an intelligent concept into pet’s supplies. We placed ten high-precision sensors to create safer and more complete system – offering your pets a healthier and enhanced way of feeding.



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