Your pets are part of the family. At MyPetKit, we get that.

We love animals, and we know you do too. We understand that your furbabies are not just pets but an integral part of your family. They show you unconditional love ­ now you can do the same for them! With MyPetKit’s range of technologically smart products, you can now enhance how you take care of and interact with your pets.

Our range of innovative and exciting products can help you track your pet’s health, activity and mood; video monitor and communicate with your pets in real time when you’re not at home; and ensure their diet is maintained at the optimal level for healthy weight and balance, all delivered hygienically to eliminate the risk of illness and infection.

Yes, we totally love animals. And because we do, we’ve brought you a range of products that care for your pet through innovation and advancement.

MyPetKit. It’s the technology that cares!

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